Retail Facts Sheet







Retail Management

Quick Facts

The benefits of SAP Business One Retail

  • Ø Complete on-line and off-line trading functionality, which means that your systems keeps on working without interruption
  • Ø Stay connected with an end-to-end retail solution which uses SAP for head office operations and retail management to manage stores and POS operations
  • Ø Inventory control  and replenishment with stock visibility across the retails chain
  • Ø Retain customers and manage customer communication with comprehensive CRM and loyalty programmes to keep customers in your stores
  • Ø Touch screen interface gives you a customizable and professional interface
  • Ø Easy to deploy and maintain with experienced consultants and comprehensive support

SAP Business One Retail Features

  • Ø Comprehensive on-line/off-line capabilities
  • Ø Full touch screen, barcode scanning, printing and cash drawer integration
  • Ø Transaction processing with keyboard and mouse interface and the option of touch screen technology to process payments
  • Ø Cash or account based sales
  • Ø Split payments (cash, cheque, vouchers, accounts and bank cards)
  • Ø Create, compare and confirm quotations from POS
  • Ø Credit notes, existing invoices or till slip processing for customers
  • Ø Batch, lot and serial number tracking
  • Ø Periodic activities to perform Cash In/Cash Out at the POS till and maintain opening balances for each POS to ensure till counts at various stages


  • Master data integration between Point of Sale and SAP Business One ERP
Country Vendor
Customer Group Warehouse
Shipping Type Bill of Materials
Manufacturer Price Matrix
Sales Person Special Price
Currency Discount Group
Price Lists Exchange Rate
  • Financial integration

–     Accounts Receivable

–     Cash Book

–     General Ledger

–     Inventory

–     Sales Orders

–     Contact Management

–     Accounts Payable

–     Purchase Orders


  • Functional Integration

–     Point of Sales (POS)

–     Store Management

–     Security

–     After sales service

–     Multi-branch and franchise

–     Customer Relationships (CRM)

–     Loyalty Programmes

–     Analytics

–     Online Shopping

–     Complete ERP Solution

–     Planning

Security Management

  • Define security roles and assign various rights to the roles and assign to users
  • Flexibility to allow teller overrides for variances, pricing or setting of discount limits
  • Password policies for users
  • Print item and shelf labels for individual stores