The Solution

Point of Sale (POS) and Retail Management Solution

In the dynamic and very competitive world of retail and wholesale, small to mid-sized companies (SMEs) face unique challenges. No matter the size of your business, a successful company requires vision, execution, and a powerful scalable business platform.

To succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, retailers must find innovative ways to compete that are not based solely on price. To effectively stay in business and maximise profitability, retailers must accurately manage variables, reduce operational costs, maximise efficiency, ensure top class customer service, and collaborate with suppliers.

Many retailers struggle with competitors and inefficiencies on a daily basis. They lack proper technology solutions and are still struggling with old legacy systems that are not compatible, non-integrated, or using spread sheets to analyse data, which is extremely ineffective and time consuming.

Most retailers need and end-to-end integrated business management solution that can provide them with the real-time insight they need to make accurate and informed business decisions.

SAP Business One Retail is an end-to-end retail solution that covers everything from Point of Sale, store management and planning to customer relationship management, online shopping, and completely integrated ERP. The SAP Business One Retail solution is designed to meet the specific needs of small and mid-size retailers and the set-up can range from a single store to a multi-branch or franchised environment.

SAP Business One Retail gives management the power at head office to have complete control over data, access and operations at stores. It extends flexibility at the head office to set up and configure the system from one place to simply data management. SAP Business One Retail provides retailers with a customisable, flexibly, scalable and integrated solution that ensures business processes and met and enhanced.

Why choose the SAP Business One Retail Management solution?

  • Ø End-to-end business integration that provides you with real time insight into the entire business to allow for better and informed decision-making
  • Ø Complete on-line and off-line trading functionality, which means that your systems keeps on working without interruption
  • Ø Stay connected with a comprehensive retail solution that uses SAP for head office operations and retail management to manage stores and POS operations
  • Ø Inventory control  and replenishment with stock visibility across the retails chain
  • Ø Retain customers and manage customer communication with comprehensive CRM and loyalty programmes to keep customers in your stores
  • Ø Touch screen interface gives you a customizable and professional look
  • Ø Transaction processing with experienced consultants and comprehensive support that covers tradition keyboard and mouse payment processing as well as state of the art customisable touchscreen ability

 Point of Sales (POS)

Operating in the fast paced retail environment, your retail business demands a software solution to process your sales efficiently. The SAP Business One Retail Management solution offers retailers in any environment the opportunity to maximise efficiency and speed at checkout. The comprehensive, fully integrated solution, has built in flexibility to offer single- or multi-site and single- or multi-terminal capability. The power of rapid processing and ease-of-use, allows your business to focus on customer needs.

Peace-of-mind benefits are the outcome of a functional system that does not place extra overhead or burden on your business, but rather gives you the opportunity to focus on profitability and reporting. The SAP Business One Retail Management solution brings the retail aspects of your operation together and provides you with a 360 degree view of your business. Real-time integration and reporting allows business managers to make quick and informed decisions, as all critical business information is instantly accessible.

Standard reports are easily customisable and accessible and can be previewed on screen, printed or exported to Excel, Word and other application. Whether your business operates cash, credit or a combination of systems, the availability of your information will reveal trends and give you an advantage.

Sales, payments, returns, cash management and reporting

The touch screen capability, as well as more traditional keyboard and mouse, together with bar-code scanning functionality provide for an efficient, streamlined customer experience

  • Tellers are not restricted to a specific till point as the system recognises them wherever they connect
  • Account or cash sales are accepted
  • Extensive transaction types are catered for

–    Stock/non-stocked, inventory, miscellaneous/service charges, freight/labour charges

  • Various payment options and payment integration into SAP Business One financials

–    Cash, credit card, debit card, EFT, voucher, gift certificate update, traveller cheques, cheques, credit notes and customer tenders

  • After the event order maintenance and payment receipts are enabled
  • Controlled credit notes against existing invoices or till slips are allowed

The cash management function is tightly controlled with pre-defined daily cash-up routines that increase petty cash management, control and visibility, advanced cash-up functionality with cash book integration, and operator cash-up and float balancing.

SAP Business One Retail Management allows you to generate reports to show sales breakdowns, identify slow-moving items, and check sales for any day – by store, item, item group, customer, customer group or sales person.

Store Management

Head office / In-Store management from SAP Business One offers complete back office functionality to both Head Offices and stores. It provides the respective managers with complete control over activities within each of the stores. In-Store transactions are replicated to the Head Office, allowing employees to have a 360 degree view of the business and to provide managers with the information they need to increase decision making times.

The user interface of iVend Enterprise is the Management Console and remains the same whether used at the head office or on iVend Store used at the Store and is used to setup the master data required to transact at the POS. The Management Console is also used by the store manager to conduct his day-to-day operations including cash & till management, raising purchase orders, receiving goods against purchase orders /stock transfers, stock transfer shipment to other stores /distribution center, cycle counting, requisition management, label printing, etc.

  • Visibility of stock across the retail chain
  • Book orders to be fulfilled by other stores
  • Perform sales refund from any store


After Sales Service

Multi-branch and Franchise

Most retailers say that running a single store is challenging but manageable. With more experience and earnings, retailers often decide to spread their wings and open new stores. However, as they expand, they often complain that their systems are unable to cope with the increased transactions, staff, and management that is required. Many retailers that experience this pain apply the same formula that worked in the 1 or 2 stores they had to multiple store roll-outs without the use of a multi-branch POS solution.

How can a retailer expand intelligently? First, he must choose a retail POS with multi-store POS capability, such as the SAP Business One Retail Management solution, which is a cost-effective and integrated POS solution.

Interconnecting stores via multiple systems that do not interact with each other can prove expensive. The investment required for communication and IT infrastructure, as well as license and support fees, put such solutions out of the reach of many retailers.

All data is centralized – for ease of access from anywhere, anytime. Because all store data is in one central database you can access reports and manage store inventory of your multiple locations. This will allow you greater control of your stores and allow you to make better strategic management decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Acquiring new customers is important for any business, but maintaining customer relationships is just as crucial. The SAP Business One Retail Management solution provides retailers with the tools to turn prospects into customers, grow customer profitability and sales, and increase customer satisfaction. SAP Business One Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps your business optimize and streamline the entire sales process – from tracking leads to managing sales orders and customer data to administering after-sales support.

With the sales and opportunity management tools you can create quotes, enter orders, access real-time information on all your warehouses, and process deliveries or purchases. You can record new sales opportunities with relevant information such as lead source, potential competition, deal size, and sales stage. You can synchronize your tasks, contacts, and opportunities between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook while gaining instant access to snapshots of customer data from your e-mail.

Loyalty Reward Programmes

The SAP Business One Retail Management offers retailers a points & rewards application designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and improve customer satisfaction levels. Flexible Loyalty Plans with multiple redemption features make the SAP Business One Retail Management solution loyalty rewards an important solution for retailers who want to reward returning customers.

  • Setup and manage multiple loyalty schemes which assign points on customer purchases
  • Define ageing criteria for loyalty points
  • Redeem loyalty points against new customer purchases
  • Loyalty points can be redeemed across the network of stores

Online shopping (e-commerce)

iVend eCommerce is a logical extension to iVend Retail allowing retailers to offer their products on the web. iVend eCommerce is configured as an iVend Retail store and offers to extend the bricks & mortar store as an eCommerce portal on the Internet. With its seamless integration with iVend Retail, shoppers can conduct their business on the web in the same way as is done at the physical store – imparting customers a unified experience – where he has access to all products, images, virtual studios, promotions,& schemes.

Usage of this application is not limited to retail and can be extensively used by non-consumer-based industries like manufacturers for listing their products and services. iVend eCommerce offers  competitive advantage to a business by extending the reach through the Internet and is a must have for the new age, ever-expanding business.

Integrated ERP Solution

CISTECH Point of Sale seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One to provide all the functionality a progressive retailer needs to optimize their operation. Serious About Retail is the solution of choice for SAP Business One users requiring a fast, stable, easy-to-use, feature rich Point-of-Sale solution catering for a wide range of industries. From Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG), to Factory Shops, to Hospitality … more and more businesses are turning to Serious About Retail.